COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 has imposed an unsettling situation upon our community and our business, but at Cleveland Diabetes Care and our affiliates, KRS Global Biotechnology and Complete Pharmacy Medical Solutions, we are committed to fighting back the best way we know how. By providing better medicine for better lives we will continue operations that include creation and distribution of life saving medications and testing kits to all reaches of our great nation.

CMO Services

Pharmaceutical contract manufacturing organization (CMO)

Contract manufacturing means production and filling of pharmaceuticals according to customer specifications. The filling possibilities include solutions for irrigation, infusion therapy and volume replacement, capsules and tablets as well as injectables and anesthetics. We also fill drugs for topical use like creams and gels.

KRS Global has an in-depth knowledge in the production of drugs. Partnering with KRS offers innovative technologies, including system components and different container types. The wide range of containers includes bottles, ampoules, vials, tubes, bags and multi-chamber bags. Furthermore, our broad range of medical devices acts as a complement to the entire drug-application system.

    Pharmaceutical product quality assurance

    We place the strictest demands on the reliability of our products and services. Quality assurance is therefore a firm component of our activities in all areas. Every product runs through a multitude of tests before it is ready for the market. In this way we are able to offer a constant high level of quality.