COVID-19 Update

COVID-19 has imposed an unsettling situation upon our community and our business, but at Cleveland Diabetes Care and our affiliates, KRS Global Biotechnology and Complete Pharmacy Medical Solutions, we are committed to fighting back the best way we know how. By providing better medicine for better lives we will continue operations that include creation and distribution of life saving medications and testing kits to all reaches of our great nation.

Clinical Trial Services

KRS is uniquely positioned to assist clinical trial investigators, directors and sponsors to perform investigational new drug clinical trial phases 1, 2, and 3. KRS employs pharmacists, regulatory affairs, quality assurance and other personnel that have experience performing clinical trials.


A Team of Experts


Our management team applies relationship management principles with clinical trial investigators, directors and sponsors. We build teamwork by staying focused on important issues that make a difference. KRS provides one of today’s most striking examples of advanced technology and creative management by assuring all cGMP, quality, and business standards are met in the critical areas of clinical trial development and execution.

Our senior management team has experience in clinical trial development. At KRS our management team’s expertise includes pharmacology, biochemistry, microbiology, analytical chemistry, business management and other related technologically demanding disciplines.

Our pharmacists and scientists bring a wide variety of additional knowledge with their experiences working in hospitals, community pharmacy settings, chemical industry, and commercial pharmaceutical manufacturing.

KRS has provided clinical trial service for sponsors, large and small. At KRS we listen to you first. We understand that the successful completion of any investigational new drug clinical trial depends on a close, flexible relationship between all parties.