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The Evolution of an Outsourcing Facility

KRS provides solutions in a challenging and changing environment that address savings initiatives, keeping abreast of the latest and greatest treatments and staying educated on the newest life-saving drug developments. KRS is first in keeping customers one step ahead of these challenges, and always placing patient safety, quality and efficiency first.

2014 2015  

KRS Facilities Expansion

2013 2014  

KRS becomes an FDA Registered and Inspected Human Outsourcing Facility


Service Expansion to Include Chemotherapy & Veterinary/Equine Markets

2009 2010  

Pharmacy Operations Expand to Include Nearly Every State


KRS Focuses on Drug Shortages Affecting Hospitals & Surgical Centers


KRS Global Biotechnology Founded


KRS is an industry-leading customized FDA registered and inspected 503b Human Outsourcing Facility, that provides sterile and non-sterile compounding services to patients, surgery centers, ophthalmology clinics, hospitals and universities nationwide. For more information about pharmacy outsourcing...

KRS—Your Outsourcing Partner

KRS commits to compliance with FDA guidelines and guidances. KRS commits to quality, patient safety, and setting the ethical standard for all other 503b outsourcing facilities. KRS is registered with the FDA as a DEA Manufacturer and holds State Board of Pharmacy licenses both in-state and out-of-state. KRS follows all applicable cGMP requirements and meets or exceeds USP Chapter <797> requirements. Our products are recognized as superior preparations due to our process validations that mirrors that of a pharmaceutical manufacturer. Our quality assurance mirrors that of a full analytical laboratory by providing certificates of analysis on all sterile preparations.

KRS is much more than just a supplier of sterile compounded products. The clinical pharmacists at KRS also provide guidance to their clients on the proper handling of sterile products, regulatory requirements regarding sterile products, and clinical expertise in the use of the products they prepare.

KRS pharmacists and staff are available to answer your questions, anytime! We are here to help you with timely answers to formulation questions, product availability, clinical assistance and anything else related to sterile injectable products.